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'''Wisp''' or '''WISP''' may refer to: '''In mythology and fiction:''' * Will-o'-the-wisp, a floating ball of light in folklore *Will o' the Wisp (comics), a comic book supervillain in the Marvel Universe *Peggy, the Will O' the Wisp, a 1917 drama film directed by Tod Browning *Willo the Wisp, a British cartoon series originally produced in 1981 *Will-o'-wisp (Dungeons & Dragons), a malevolent entity that makes its home in swamps and bogs * Night wisp, a fictional creature in the ''Sword of Truth'' series by Terry Goodkind * Wisp, the birth name of a fictional young orphan girl who would later become known as Rainbow Brite * Wisp is one of the eight elemental spirits featured in the ''Mana (series)#Common elements|Mana'' series, representing the light element * Wisp is the form a Night Elf takes when dead, in the MMORPG, World of Warcraft * Wisp is a monster in the MMORPG Tibia (video game) that looks like a...
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